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December 08, 2018


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The biggest BS that has been floated in this whole mess is the belief that a sitting president can't be indicted. Well, nowhere in the US Constitution is there a single word about sitting presidents being above the law. In fact, it goes against every tenet of American justice to believe that any one man is outside the grasp of jurisprudence...even the president.

Therefore, we have reached the point that it is time to indict Trump along with Cohen and Manafort. Trump is a criminal -- a felon -- and as such deserves to be thrown in jail along with his former personal attorney.

Right on, Mr. L!

One thing that really re-calibrated things for me was listening to the commentary of many contributors during the coverage of Bush 41's memorials. I wasn't a big fan of GHWB during his time in office. Now that we've looked back, I come to the realization (again) that we don't know what we have until we lose it. President Bush was a classy and honest man, dedicated to public service. I'll reexamine my opinions back then and update them with lessons learned today...hopefully it's not too late...

THIS was the America I was taught about in school! We must all work to bring honesty and integrity back to where it belongs...

Putin has pretty much washed his hands of the Orange Baboon... no shows, lies,....

I have never had a moon bat libtard ever be able to answer a simple question I have posed to them... Let's try it here... Ready?

Why the hatred towards Trump as President??

You can't respond with the "He's a liar"... All politicians and Presidents are liars. Even your hero Obama lies...

One last thing moon bat's.... This ALLEGED campaign violation ALLEGEDLY happened when Trump was a private citizen. Not an impeachable offense. Even Pelosi knows this...

Cue Joel and JannM with some incomprehensible nonsensical babble in 3...2...1

Geez, 45 Fan, you too are a complete and total idiot.

By your reasoning, if someone robs a bank or commits a murder, that's okay, they can still be your president. Maybe you'd like to have one of those ISIL beheaders occupying the Oval Office. You know, they did it before they were elected...so that's all hunky dunky.

Let's also consider why Dotard violated the federal election law...making him a felon, by the by. He did it to steal the election because he knew that if it came out that he'd been screwing around on the missus, it would cost him votes. And he only won by 77,000 votes. A drop in the proverbial bucket, dipwad.

So, not that I'm a moonbat (because moonbat implies someone who supported Dotard and that clearly isn't me,) but the main reason I don't like Man Baby Drumpf is that he is a CRIMINAL. He has committed numerous crimes in addition to stealing the election. Among them, adultery (which is still a crime in California), numerous violations of the emoluments clause, and comporting with mobsters (both foreign and domestic mobsters). Trump is Individual-1 and Individual-1 is a crook.

Like it or don't, you support a CRIMINAL and a CRIMINAL who stole the election that put him in the White House...and that is the very reason that impeachment was put in the Constitution.

Joel as usual dances around the question and is unable to answer it... LOL!!!

Obama comitted the same campaign "crime" that Trump is ALLEGED to have done and Obama was subject to a quiet 345000 fine...

Also this alleged "crime" allegedly committed by Trump does not meet the standards for impeachment for "high crimes and misdemeanors" plus The House would need the Senate to convict... And that won't happen. I hope the House goes for it. It will be great theater and it will be the beginning of a civil war where the libtards are erased from this Country.

Obama was never under federal investigation for anything. That’s the difference

45 Fan, under the nom de phuqueface worstpresidentever, you are typically 100 percent wrong.

By $345,000 fine I assume you are referring to the $375,000 fine levied against the Obama campaign for reporting errors. That's a very different matter than Trump being accused PERSONALLY of ordering the coverup of two illicit sexual affairs because he knew -- KNEW -- that if the information became public he wouldn't be elected.

Obama>>campaign reporting error.
Trump>>personal cheating of the US election process.
Big difference.

Next, you have no clue of what "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" means. Dotard is accused of committing a felony violation of federal election law, so yes it is a high crime. But, "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" means whatever the House of Representatives says it means. The term isn't defined by law.

And will the Senate convict Dotard on House impeachment articles? Do you actually believe that Yertle and Company will allow Man Baby to remain in office if he is indicted on a federal felony? Good luck with that delusion, child.

If there is a Civil War, you asswipes will be crushed like the cockroaches you are. I would love to see you lunatics attempt to fight the US military -- which supports the Constitution, not the president -- in the case of Dotard being removed from office. I would gather that your Civil War would last all of maybe 22 minutes. You pukes with your hunting rifles against a line of M1 Abrams tanks. That would be very entertaining theater.

how could he have been, mr stump????? the first thing obama did was seal all his records! now why would he do that????? lol!

thats the biggest problem mr. stump!


The totally unhinged comments coming from the tiny (for a definition of tiny, check in Trump's pants, says Stormy) pro-Dotard delegation are truly humorous.

Obama has clearly taken up permanent residence in john's otherwise empty skull and 45 Fan proves yet again that he has no ability to think...or write, for that matter.

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