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January 09, 2019


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The Columbia Park store was replaced by the Peninsula store, N Lombard and N Ida, St Johns.It became Pay n Pak, I think, we called it grab it n run, and Sandy Barrs Sports Arena was on the right of the picture.. Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka, Curt Hennig, many got a good start there. May they all RIP.

The Oregon Historical Society indicates that the Columbia Park Fred Meyer in this photo was taken shortly after opening in 1943 at N Chautauqua & N Willis in a existing warehouse to serve the 14,000 new residents of University Homes which were farther North on Chautauqua which was a straight street from Lombard to Columbia Blvd. These homes were constructed for shipyard workers during WW 2. The property is currently the home of Mt Olivet Baptist Church. I believe that this building in the photo must have been torn down, in a 1960 aerial photo the building at this location is a rectangular structure sitting close to both streets as depicted in this photo, but in a 1970 aerial photo there is a square structure sitting back from both streets. Mt Olivet Church history indicates that they purchased the old Pay-N Take-It supermarket at this site in 1991 and renovated it, which I think it is the structure in the 1970 aerial photo. They also purchase the Portland Sports Arena in 1993 which is next door to the North.

Spelling correction "Pay'n Takit" not Pay N Take It

Thank you, D Gibson, this is history that I truly enjoy. This store was closed for the Peninsula opening in '62, I believe, it was closed due to the roof being quite bad, I dont recall what else. I vaguely recall Pay-N-Takit.. like Ba'zar on 82d, and Prairie house,?, the you bag and mark grocery of years ago.. there was one on N Lombard, one block west of Portsmouth.

Jann JM I do remember Prairie Market, but had forgotten that you had to mark the price on all your items with a grease pencil. Prairie Market was a no frills warehouse concept that was owned by Tradewell stores. In addition to the one you recall on N Lombard there was a store at SE Stark & 146th, NE Sandy Blvd & 87th, and Downtown Gresham on NW 5th I believe, and others I do not recall the locations. Ba'zar was at SE 82 & Division, then it became a K-Mart, and the Builders Square Home Improvement store. The building was torn several years ago, and is Portland Community College now.

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