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January 19, 2019


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Very good news. Our lives are filled with pro and anti Trump crap. You made the right choice because other than VOTING, we can't change things by posting angry rants. Excellent news. I enjoy this blog very much.

Best news I have read on line today.

Good move. We see enough on social media, its getting old and tired.

did I mention EXCELLENT? though some people might leave, and that's okay!

Good on you mr. Stump! lets just talk about Portland.

John, if they choose to leave, its just opening a spot for better, more deserving people to join. We dont hold guns to heads yet, .....ok, yes, I do.. ts hot out, and I have a water filled one...and a hose...

Excellent choice. The Rosemary Cafe in downtown Vancouver has a fantastic collection of vintage radios.

I found your personal left wing political views as immature and amateurish. Stick to old PDX photos as NO ONE cares how you vote.

Hooray! You finally woke up and smelled the coffee. I'm sick of our current politics. You've given us something to look forward too.

F40, that sounds to me rather sarcastic, and childish. Those of us who had transistor radios bacl in the day enjoy seeing things like that here.. telling our grands with those as reference is fun, and the looks you get....and spike murray, you want republican rhetoric, start your one blog

Jann JM hop on public transit and waddle into downtown vancouver with your money from collecting bottles and cans and stop by the cafe to see this nice collection....

Jan JM: F40 Fan is right, Something I didn't know, and now i do. He contributed useful info. I for one will check the collection out.

Fathead40, back to your line at Blanchet House, theyll serve soon. Gent, I was not against the info, I felt his comment was childish. 'Ok, you got an iphone 8, but this just came out, and I got MINE!' I do think things from our past ought to be remembered. Those who pay no attention to history will be doomed to repeat it... not precise, but general idea. Now, back to our PROPER programming...

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