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February 09, 2019


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That old fat jerk had no shame, and even less class. Do little, and feel entitled to HALF of whatever Elvis made... and Id not be surprised if his half was calculated on the gross, taken after taxes. Pure greed.

Georgis Brown was a Broadway actress of UK extraction, Tessie O'Shea was a Welsh singer. But, who the Hell are Whitehall & Pillsbury? A little research...they were sponsors of the show.

Whitehall Laboratories was a pharmaceutical company that apparently made over-the-counter remedies. Pillsbury, of course, was the doughboy.

If Cubby Obrien were alive today, he'd be rolling in his grave!

Seventy-three million people watched the Ed Sullivan show that night, according to Nielsen ratings. That in a country of about 190 million. I heard stolen car thefts in New York city were at a several-year low that Sunday evening...no kidding.

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