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February 12, 2019


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one of the last big neons left in portland! how long before the new apartments replace it?

Good question John, a good percentage of the Urban or Suburban Motels are owned or managed by folks from India, the core entities being the Patel enterprises, if you read various comments from past customers of these various motels, they have similar threads: limited ideals of customer service, abrupt responses to inquiries. rudeness. read the comments from past customers of The Palms as an example, some are good, some are not. great rates though. We held sales meetings there in the 70's. As far as new apartments being built, most of that is happening on MLK, but as in all things, its only a matter of time. Tick tick tick

Hey John, you know which landmark I worry about to Kaiser Krawl: The Alibi!!! It happened to Wongs, and can happen again. the fact that there is a city Park next to the Palms Motel might be the protective element.

hello urbangent. never been to Kaiser krawl? love the alibi though.

UG, I grew up just off of Interstate, and a little store/Doodle Bug tavern building is now apts., what used to be a barber shop/beauty salon, and an old mans garden plot for flower sales is now condos, next to Patton Maryland restaurant, his house directly across the street has just sold, theres duplexes on my street, used to be a ladys little bitty home, now one of our neighbours houses is being developed into apartments. Overlook Restaurant is gone, as is Interstate Lanes,..... will the greed of developers, and lust for fancy schmancy trash places ever cease?Sad, sad days for the Rose City we grew up in....

Jann JM tick tick tick

John Kaiser Krawl is when Kaiser built the hospital on Greely and was the only major medical facility in North Portland. they sold their control of the property to one of the major running shoe companies i think Adidas, not sure, but then they expanded their grab to purchase properties on North Interstate. Wongs one of the best places to eat lunch or dinner in NOPO Gone. Now they own properties from the Alibi South and around. Tick Tick Tick.

I spent 2 wonderful nights at that hospital, for a broken arm in 1980! just a few blocks north on interstate was a neat little restaruant on the second floor of an old motel, not sure it the motel is still there, I cant recall its name? they had amazing breakfast and huge waffles loaded with fruit and whipped cream.

I did not mean to disparage Kaiser as a menace for development in North Portland, It is a great location for gentrified folks who like to be closer to downtown Portland. my apologies to Kaiser and Emanuel hospital BTW John, I had surgery there also

John it was a good hospital

well, the pin they put in my arm in 1980 is still with me, sometimes it lets me know its still there!

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