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March 16, 2019


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had lots of great times there! sad its gone, thanks to video poker and the indian casinos!

The PC libtard crowd are forcing the closures of these venues across the Country. Pathetic...

well I don't think pc had anything to do with it, back when I went people took their whole families though you had to be 18 to make a wager! the place was always real clean and maintained, the hair on the back of my neck would stand up when the trumpets played, and then the bridge on the river quai would mean 3 minutes to post! after video poker and indian casinos got a foothold the track was doomed, and someday soon Portland meadows will disappear too, as the already have a mini casino taking over!

sadly it had a connection to the Portland beavers! also was the birthplace of the Portland spring beerfest! all 3 are now gone!

Actually, for 45 Jerk Fan, the dog racing tracks across the country are closing because people aren't betting on the dogs anymore. The same goes for horse racing. There are so many other ways for people to gamble nowadays, from the state lotteries, to Indian casinos, to other forms of legalized gambling.

When dog and horse racing were about the only way to legally gamble, the tracks were much more popular. With all of the other ways to waste your money betting that isn't the case today.

Sorry 45 Jerkoff, but you've proven yourself wrong again.

Our company printed the dog racing forms for many years. It gave many people great part-time employment.

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