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March 06, 2019


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Paulson buying the Blazers might be the best deal for Portland. Paul Allen's sister Jody has no interest in owning the team and has been looking for a buyer. There has been some talk about an out of town purchaser who was interested in moving the team out of Portland.

Paulson buying the team would in all likelihood keep the team here. So, even though Paulson is the team owner many people love to hate, in this case, he could be the savior of the Trailblazers.

lol! remember what he did to the Portland beavers????? bye bye blazers! lol!

Hmmmm.....Indoor Soccer at the "Rose Garden"...the "Thorns" would be right at home! I know it's the Moda Center now but that just wouldn't work with my comment.

john, you seem to forget that Paulson tried to find a way to keep your Beavers in Portland with a new stadium. The simple fact is that no one was much interested in keeping a failing baseball team with no real Portland connection in town.

It was pure folly to keep the Beavers playing at Civic Stadium. A facility with a capacity of more than 20,000 where they had trouble filling 1000 seats even when they were giving away most of them. Civic Stadium has been much better used as a soccer venue where they sell out every game and have thousands more waiting for a seat to open up.

We could only hope for a wealthy local guy like Paulson to buy the franchise

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