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March 11, 2019


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Was this while Guy Williams was doing Zorro? I thought he was so handsome...

Jann J. Yes the the 1958 Grand Flora Parade Grand Marshal was Guy Williams. Willamette Week on 6/6/17 ranked the 86 Grand Marshals to that date. Zorro (Guy Williams) ranked #59, in the #1 spot was "Packy" the Oregon Zoo elephant, and coming in at dead last at #86 is disgraced former Portland Mayor "Neil Goldschmidt"

Didn't Leonard Nimoy, during his Spock days, serve as Grand Marshall as well ?

Cindy WW ranked Leonard Nimoy as the #2 Grand Marshal when he appeared in 1967.

Two great guys, Guy Williams, and Leonard Nimoy..i believe I went to the 67 parade... too long ago.. and thank you, D Gibson, for answering.

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