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April 13, 2019


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As the center portion was moving downriver, they had to open the railway bridge in St Johns, and as dad was working for the BN, we got to go on the bridge and watch it go past. That bridge was fun.

My company was located in Portland directly under the bridge, so we had a bridge raising party to watch the mid structure being raised and inviting all of our metals buying customers to watch it go up. A well lubricated bunch. We carried on the tradition for several years hence until the recession of 80 something forced an ending, however, we still had golf tournaments, thank you Lord.

Credit to Joan Teale, Promo Director at KGW Radio for "People's Day on the Bridge." This was November 11, 1973 and was the weekend before the Thursday official opening. It was a monster promotion. Our sons, ages two and five, made the front page of The Oregonian riding their tricycles across the top deck. Quite a deal!!

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