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April 09, 2019


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Gen Y and Z are such a waste human skin...

I still buy birthday and Christmas cards every year!

I agree. Maybe because I am a boomer, but I miss the care and effort that went into selecting and mailing a card. I do still seek a card to give with a gift with to a treasured friend.Especially if it is funny and heartfelt. That seems to a bit missing these days!

Ok whoops .... made a typo but I think you might get the jjist of what I intended. The card is part of the gift and should reflect your heart and intent.

I hate to say this...again...but the reason that greeting cards (virtually everything printed on dead trees) are dying is that people aren't buying them any longer. Why spend $3.95, or more, for a greeting card when you can send one for free on the web? Why spend $30 a month for a newspaper subscription when you can get all the news you want online? Why buy a book for $35 when you can download it to Kindle or Audiobooks at a bargain price?

Joel...We agree on so much, but you & I are 180 degrees on these culture points. A paper book you can re-gift, smell the pulp and feel like you're reading a book. In the morning I want a paper in my hands with coffee....I cut out many articles and send them to friends with interest (stamp on it)...I will never send a Thank You card, Get Well card, Sympathy card, Holiday card, Invite to a party by faceless email. Thanks for listening. Stumpie

spot on mr. stump! not to mention I need a newspaper after I have read it to light my woodstove fire! people these days just look at their phones! how do you wrap fish with a phone? or line the bird cage? lol!

Dave...Since my vision problems make reading books and newspapers impossible for me, I may not be the best person to listen to on the subject. My point was that people are simply not buying products printed with ink on sheets of dead tree anymore. I'm sure that so long as enough people are buying these products, they'll be sold. But I'm sure not buying any stock in the Oregonian or Powell Books.

It's just like tearing down ramshackle old buildings and putting up nice, new, shiny apartment houses and condos. If the condos weren't selling and the apartments weren't renting, then they wouldn't be built. Or, if those old buildings had any value they'd stay.

Time marches on, it's just the way it is.

I am 63, learned to read by 3, I think dad was rather sorry they taught me, I read so much, he swore Id read tp if it were printed. Give me a real book anyday, and keep those audio books. mine can go to joel to enjoy. I am a paper card fan, my sister and I love to trade age digs in cards..Death in the rear view mirror, things are closer than they appear..you arent old till the fat lady sings, open the card, aria....

I was born and reared in Errol Heights: Felony Flats as they refer to it now. Lots of trees but a grade school two blocks away, where two former school teachers lived right across the street. I would stroll down to their house and would sit with them for hours on end and they would pull out all of their text books and kids books and we would read. 2 or three years old. so grateful for where I grew up.

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