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April 25, 2019


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sure looks like it mr. stump I would be surprised if there was more than one? the guy standing in front is blocking the zooliner sign, if it is the same train.

Yes, that is the Zooliner. Before it became part of the Washington Park Zoo, it was an attraction at the Oregon Centennial Exposition.

Odd, didnt they have more up to date trains, or am I thinking of actual train lines?Having grown up on the now defunct S.P.&S, I tend to notice....

Loved the Centennial Exposition!! free train rides, free helicopter rides. Very educational learning about Oregon's history that I hadn't known before. The helicopter ride was incredible. Was the big dipper still running then also? seem to remember that it was. please correct my on anything you discern as erroneous

Yes Gent. Jantzen Beach Amusement Park was open for ten years after the Centennial Exposition.

jannjm my dad was an engineer on the old sp&s

RIP, Jantzen Beach Amusement Park, and the fantastic rides....

John where did he call home, Portland? Dad was in Willbridge, KD, and ODub ..Kd , North Portland junction, was on Portland Rd. ODub was NW 14th and Savier, 30 yr, took the buyout, retired a month later..ewe were in Snake River, Wa, till Feb, 61.. if your dad is still with us, he may recall Bob Jones..

he worked between wishram Portland and bend we lived in Vancouver.

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