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April 10, 2019


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Pot is the common thread linking the homeless.

In the recent documentary "Seattle is Dying" (can see it on youtube) one sees the same sad situation. Many people featured in the documentary say it's more of a drug problem than a homeless problem. Like Portland the hands of the Seattle police are tied by city hall. Portland's past includes "Shanty Town" located where I-84 is today. Historic photos show the poor living in simple wooden shacks. The difference from then and now would seem to be that those from Shanty Town didn't have the drug addiction problem, they were just poor.

The problem is actually meth and heroin. Here's a good documentary on the subject. It was done about Seattle, but Portland has the same problems.

It's an hour long but well worth the time for anyone who wants to understand why the homeless problem is growing. Highly recommended.

C'mon Allen. Really? Mental illness is the severe issue.

We don't have a problem with 'The Homeless', we have a problem with the drug affected / addicted who have become 'The Homeless' due to their decision to use drugs.

The problem is MENTAL HEALTH which our genius President is cutting by billions. Do you think the hundreds of thousands living in tents and under blankets woke up one morning and decided I will be a casulty of society. These people by the majority were abused by parents or Foster parents. The downhill slide started there. Trump wants a wall he will never get, but when it comes to mental health and education you won't hear a peep from that sick person.

Yes, Don, it is a mental health problem and yes it is being exacerbated by Dotard. But a lot of that mental health problem is caused by drugs. People who way over consume recreational drugs tend to become crazy.

Check out the documentary on YouTube that I posted above. Pay particular attention to the guy who the cops are trying to coax out of the trash can. He's well known on the streets of Seattle and he's well known as a drug abuser. He's also considered to be crazy.

Allen, what dream are you living in? Top mess in Portland, as in most of this country, s mental illness, most of which is undiagnosed, untreated. There are those who like being houseless, and yes, many like their drugs, as well. Or booze. A siamese twin is greed, the cost of housing. Not everyone wants a damned condo. I grew up off N. Interstateand the little store and tavern on Alberta are condos,the store and gas station across the street will be condos, Interstate Lanes, the garden on the corner of my street....and rebt is 6 months of life, and your first two kids for a month!! City politicos and greedy developers. TGAT is why we have houseless. Open up boardd houses for them!!!

Jann JM: you blew that one out of the park! Thank you

Not all drug addicts are homeless, but it is my belief and according to the documentary "Seattle is Dying", all Homeless, it would appear are drug addicts on some level.

We have never seen "Homelessness" in these numbers until pot became legal in the places where homelessness is now the worst. Likewise "Mental Illness" was never on a scale like this until pot became legal.

You can't help these people until their desire to stop using drugs and lift themselves up out of the sewer they are currently in, is greater than their desire to be stoned all the time. And, good taxpaying people shouldn't have to suffer because of these drug affected mendicants.

I've been days away from becoming homeless with 4 small children. Instead of turning to drugs and crime, I dug in and prospered. I have worked hard all of my life for what I have and I continue to work hard to keep it.

If we close the border to drug traffic, crack down on drugs here at home including pot, you'll see the instance of "Mental Illness" drop dramatically.

Excuse my error, being without a home along with Pot are the two threads common among the homeless.

Thank you, UG, I was houseless for a year, I turned 50 that year. And Allen, have you been there? Anyone youre close to been there? As politely as I can, and getting the point across, until you have FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE, stop spewing moron rhetoric, and STFU. Pot is a choice, meth, heroin, cocaine, etc,are true addiction drugs.As I stated,been there, done that, sellin merch for the band. My late hubs and I have bought, sold, used, and known people who cooked, or made meth and coke, we grew pot,.... I still enjoy pot, as I can, but 13 yrs clean is wonderful.Just paid my bills faster on drugs.. darn it.

My first and hopefully only encounter with meth was when I rented my vacation home on Mt Hood to some people who wound up cooking the stuff in the second house on the lot. The main house was undisturbed thank you Jesus. I wound up selling the property, but not until the second house was completely purged of the stuff. there were dozens of environmental technician trucks up and down the road doing their thing. that happened back in 1975 and Meth was prominent as an escape drug but not like it is now. I still advocate that pot smoking or edibles do not result in mental illness leading to homelessness!! many thousands of college kids would prove you wrong!!! BTW I smoked my first Weed at PSU with a sweet lady classmate on Sauvi island. she had the weed. it was delectable

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