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April 30, 2019


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One of Mary Pierce's regular advertisers on her noontime KKEY talk show, in the early 80s. Along with Honey Baked Ham. That was about the time your friend Roger Hart joined the station. Boy, if you could get one of her air checks… she was a unique broadcaster. Others on that station were John Cole, morning drive; Rick Miller, Dave Collins, a lawyer named Leo whose last name I have forgotten… one of their regular callers who could never seem to get to the point was known as "Mrs. Vague."

KLIQ started the naming of regular talk show callers, Mrs. Vague was one of them. So named because she couldn't seem to get a cogent sentence or thought across. Many of the names were attached to the callers by Doug Baker.

At its heyday, KLIQ featured callers (and moderators) from all sectors. There was, The Castro Kid -- an ardent communist -- and he wife Phoebe and Mary Kangas -- from Scappoose -- who would have thought the current presidunce was too far left. Next to Mary, 45Fan would seem normal and not a raving lunatic.

There were also callers such as Mrs. Exuberance and Mrs. Bubbly who got their names because they were exuberant and bubbly.

We kept a list of around five dozen very regular callers who all had names, and who were all very recognizable, that we used to enforce the "three-day rule." Violation of the rule got the caller the "Dragnet," yes it was the Ray Anthony theme from the popular TV show with announcer Jim Newman.

"This is a repeat caller. This caller has violated KLIQ's three-day rule. Don't do it again...repeater." Repeater was said with a giant scowl.

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