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May 29, 2019


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Portland had baseball! for over 100 years! 9 years ago they threw all that away! for a sport that came from other countrys!

The inability to raise $375,000 doesn't say much about Portland's desire to have an MLB team. And what happened to PDP's claim to have $1.3 billion?

If we are to have baseball, ONLY the Bevos!!!!

I love you jannjm!

Aw, john, you can be sweet.. Beavers at Civic Stadium.. soccer can move.

that's what said 9 years ago! if they wanted soccer! go build a new stadium! and leave the beavers in pge park where they had been for 55 years! oh, did I mention I hate soccer?

The problem is that the Beavers couldn't fill more than a few seats in Civic Stadium. In the team's waning years, they had to give away the seats, they couldn't even sell them, and still had attendance of fewer than 1000 souls per game.

Several sites were considered to build a more appropriate Beaver Stadium, a place with 3000 to 4000 seats, and it still failed. The Beavers had its day in Portland and that day ended in around 1965.

The crowd for the Timbers home field opening for 2019 was last night and it sold out. That pretty much says it all. In a couple of games, the Timbers will sell more seats than the Beavers did in an entire season.

john, we are in agrement, I cannot abide european football, either. And while we are on it, can the children of the WInterhawks, and bring back the Buckaroos! Dad delighted in going to the fights in hopes a hockey game may break out. Stuff aint broke, dont pretend to fix it!

Timbers sell out every game with a waiting list for good season tickets

of course they sell out games! look at all the media attention they get! they are on the evening news every night! the beaver barely got a mention all season! I will never watch a so called sport where most games end up in a tie! an sometimes a scoreless tie! why even bother to play? however it does fit right in with the drunken hipster image that Portland has now!

john, the way the TV news business -- and it is a business -- works is that they cover what people are interested in. The Timbers don't draw sellout crowds because they get TV coverage, they get TV coverage because they sell out the stadium every time they play.

The Beavers got little coverage because no one was much interested in what was happening with the baseball club in Portland.

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