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June 14, 2019


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what a shame, this and jantzen beach as well as whats left of oaks park, and before my time, lotus isle, all gone, no wonder kids get into so much trouble these days!

john, don't look too closely. Oaks Park is expanding.

I worked at KLIQ (studios were located in Oaks Park) for several years and I can tell you there are many attractions in the park now that weren't there in the late 60s and early 70s.

And you forgot about Kiddieland in Beaverton.

That face in the bottom, reminiscent of Coney Island, would scare daylights out of sensible children. John, was Lotus Island on Tomahawk? I agree, with so little for kids to do, and parents who dont raise them better, allowing disrespect, foul mouths, dressing sleazy, our youth is heading for devastation...

yes jann ive seen photos of it on stumptown, though it was just before my time, my parents talked about it

Jeeeeeez John and JanJM I usually tune into Stump to feel uplifted in one way or another. you two are really bumming me out, big time.

Too many trees. The views are all but gone. Not worth the trip.

john and Jann, you both need to remember when you were a teenager. Your parents said the same things about you that you are saying about today's kids.

Remember what they thought about that rock 'n' roll music with its jungle beat that you listened to. They were sure that it made you want to run out and have sex. And watching those James Dean movies made you want to stick up service stations. Boys with their greaser ducktail hairstyles and the girls with cone-shaped boobs in tight sweaters.

And, guess what, their parents had similar criticisms of them.

One of my jobs after I graduated and before I enlisted was a fry cook at Belles Brookside Restaurant. Don Belles opened the restaurant, which offered charbroiled burgers with a small salad bar. He acquired a large church bell which he installed in front of his building on Johnson Creek, about a block south of Tacoma. Every day Don or one of us guys would go out and ring that bell at 11:30 sharp which you could hear up and down McLaughlin and as far as the Sellwood Bridge.

The State police headquarters, Art Lacey (The Bomber) and his wife, dozens of state police officers, and The Bollingers from The Oaks Park where I learned to roller skate as a youngster, were regular customers. It was a lot of fun working there, because our customers were open and friendly and I learned a lot from them. Don encouraged us to chat with them while we were doing our work, frycooking washing dishes, or busing tables. Art Lacey was the most inspirational for me, because we talked about enlisting which I had been contemplating since I graduated. I told him that I was one of the first kids to go up the steps to see the inside of his Bomber. It was the thrill of my life because the years of abuse and deterioration had not yet begun and it was all there at the beginning. A real live bomber. Not long after talking about it I joined the USAF.

The Oaks was and always will be dear to my heart because of that amazing Roller Rink which had hundreds of kids and their parents lining up to skate, and being able to walk the midway and ride the rides before or after skating. riding that little train was a hoot. Never got tired of it. Dads company, Gasco had their company picnics at the park, maybe they still do. When one thinks about it, that little amusement park and how much it cost the Bollingers to keep it alive and thrive is a generous and loving gift to the City of Portland

Oaks Park, may you live on forever.

I still love Oaks Park!!! I skated there often as a girl scout, now, I would probably break everything but my fool neck. Remember the Imperial rink? Fun, too.Dad loved the Bomber, we had frequent tales of planes.... I fought like wild to get a transistor radio when I was around 10, one can only take so much country and western.I attended a scout day camp, and heard of groups like the Lovin' Spoonful, Young Rascals, Guess Who, and the kids all thought I was from another planet, as I had no idea. Dove in headfirst, havent looked back!! And UG, plus all others who offered your lives for this country, Thank You.A debt that can never be fully repaid.

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