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June 18, 2019


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What was the burger stand? I as too late for the Speck cruise, diapers in the 50s, but I did Broadway, and then the DQ loop in thr 'Couv, usually in a friends 57 Chevy Bel Air..loved that car..

Wow..we spent a lot of time at the Speck..seems like so long ago!!

The original Speck is what is now known as The Skyline. It was also a drive-in founded in 1935.

The sign on the curb on the right side of the picture is a duplicate of a sign that was on the roof of the original store on Skyline Boulevard. I don't think the original Speck was ever a part of the KFC chain of Speck Restaurants.

This was built and opened as Bart's Drive-in June 1946, the sold and became Ming's Drive-in September 1948, and I don't know the month, but by July 1955 The Speck had ads in the Oregonian for carhops and cooks.

This photo at The Speck was taken on Friday July 27, 1956. Radio station KEX and The Speck had a Dee Jay hamburger eating contest, and the winner got a live steer.

Current address 5038 SE Powell, and now the home of the Whopper. Burger King

I never cruised The Speck. Broadway downtown and Main Street in Hillsboro were where we'd do our dragging.

Cleveland hottie DB and I would eat in the car a lot at The Speck though. You called your order in on the phone in the menu that hung between the parking spaces. A roller-skating carhop would deliver it to you.

DB's favorite was fries with chicken gravy, something that never made a splash on the westside. I tried hers and thought they really sucked.

yeah lets have another fast food junk place instead of a place that served good food and had good times! I would rather it be a vacant lot now!

Homeless camp, a neater one.. Kids nowadays have no concept of places, and great food, like Speck, Bocs, Farrels....Yaws......Lumberjack on n Interstate, now Swan Garden....

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