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June 19, 2019


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Several of the acts listed on this poster weren't especially big names at the time of Monterey Pop. Jimi Hendrix was little known in the US and The Who were just beginning to be known. Both were however established names in Britain and both tore up Monterey. Big Brother featuring Janis Joplin was also unknown but their performance at Monterey was the nexus behind the band being signed by Columbia.

This is also just a small portion of the acts. County Joe McDonald and the Fish were there as was The Association -- really, The Association. But The Doors were turned down. The Stones also couldn't play because they couldn't get work visas because of drug charges against Jagger and Richards.

The Beach Boys were actually booked to headline Monterey but had to back out when Brian Wilson, who hadn't performed with the group since 1964, refused to play. Also considered for some reason was The Monkees. Good fortune apparently shined on the festival.

"And many more". WHO?

Steve Miller
Al Kooper
Electric Flag
Moby Grape
Laura Nyro
Booker T
Johnny Rivers
Lou Rawls
Blues Project
Hugh Masekela

So many excellent bands, tho I never really cared for Eric Burden and the Animals. The Monkees were actually very talented, once they got away from the Donnie Kirschner bubble gum trash. Peter Tork was a classically trained musician, many instruments, Michael Nesmith excellent guitarist,and they also wrote quality tunes. Granted, this was mot the vehicle for them, but not the Beach Boys, either. too pop mainstream.

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