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June 12, 2019


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Great concept, well executed. Perfect date night spot and always fun. I can still taste their hamburgers, too.

Does anyone remember the "House of Crickets" that had a brief run during the late '60's in one of the old Victorian houses further south on the same block?

I miss Farrells.... we had a cast party for the hs theatre group when I was at Jefferson, mid 70s, and it was great fun. Lloyd Center store.No place now offers the fun, and quality....

This Farrell's is where we held all of our cast parties, even though the Raliegh Hills store was closer to Sunset. We'd head into one of the back rooms with two or three dozen kids and order up a couple of Zoos with all the trimmings and all of the drama. Much more fun than going to the local pizza emporium.

Looking at those parked cars makes me think you really had to know how to parallel park in those days.

Add Cleveland to the list of schools who held their Cast parties at Farrell's. Lloyd Center store for us. I have a picture of my buddy and I digging into one of their Gastronomical Delicatessen Epicurean Delights (giant sub sandwich). I think we both polished off a Pig Trough afterwards. That would kill me today. Great fun, miss Farrell's.

Dad taught, or tried to, me how to parallel park.. got it at 18, and got so I could put my 3/4 ton extended Dodge B200 panel van in tight spots where I was bet I couldnt. Side mirrors, 3 on the floor, PS, I knew what I could do with it. Man, I miss that yacht..

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