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June 15, 2019


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some people spell tomatoe or tomato.... not defending quayle but joe biden is just as clueless.

I sat down and had a potato for lunch one day.... the next day I had Potatoes Aug Gratin. Quayle was close, but no cigar. The worse part of his political career and hurt him the most was his war against Murphy Brown.

Here are a few from Donald Trump. Hambergers, Joe Bidan, Cheif, Smocking Gun, Prince of Whales. and the correct spelling is Hamburgers, Joe Biden, Chief, Smoking Gun, Prince of Wales. Then you have that famous word Covfefe.

Really john? When was the last time Biden misspelled a simple vegetable name or visited the Prince of Whales? What a bunch of smocking covfefe.

Politicians cant really pass intelligence tests.. what they have goes on lockout strike when they decide to become politicians.

Good thing our leaders are so much smarter today!

yes they are
thank God!

Both spellings are correct. Google the word potatoe

Oh, dont forget BIGLY,one of the classics from "the smartest guy I know"...not gonna go there today

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