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June 14, 2019


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Eliminate approx. late 1977 or 1978 for Interstate 205 freeway construction.

Grand Opening Wednesday night June 14, 1950. Portland Mayor Dorthy McCullugh Lee cut the grand opening robbon.

I only went to the Sandy Drive-In one time. I went to see M>A>S>H> the movie with my sweetheart at the time. We devoted some of our attention to the movie and to some of our physical explorations maybe half and half. when the plot reached the crew offering to help Captain Waldowski commit Suicide (Suicide is Painless) theme the screen we noticed was fading every minute. A fog bank had come in off the river. In a few minutes the drive in was completely immersed in the fog bank. The management apologized and started proceeding to escort the cars off site. I never did watch the whole movie until I watched it on Netflix 50 years later!! No-one ever even thought of asking for our money back, we still had lots of fun that night!!

What we are missing out on now... drive in theaters.. discuss whats happening, and not disturb the others in there...sad day when they shut down...

Cleveland HS hottie DB and I used to go to the SE Portland drive-ins rather frequently. Although our first (blind) date was to the Sandy, we usually went to the 104th Street or the Powell. We preferred the 104th Street because the attendants were less intrusive...if you get my drift.

I miss drive-ins almost as much as the portland beavers or jantzen beach park!

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