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June 27, 2019


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so, guilty for 30 years then innocent? you mean he served his term, that don't make him not guilty!

He’s innocent. The victims brother was Franks biggest asset getting him out. He was totally set up and had the worst representation. A crime in itself.

Yes, I used to know people who were associated with those somewhat involved, on fringe, and those in the true know, Gable was, and is, 100% innocent.

can you explain why he was set up? im confused?

John, I was not privy to details, he was just the fall guy.

JannM and her alcohol based delusions....

45 Fan and his warped mind. Typically, a Trump supporting fool and a loser.

45B.S...R Was wondering when you would show up worming your slimy way out of the woodwork. you never disappoint.

$%BS< I dont drnk, nor do I do drugs. I detest even taking meds.You need serious analysis, youve personal problems..

JannJM Michael Moore produced a documentary about 45BS'r "SICKO"

Hey Stump has UG set a record with multiple logins?

Ive nothing against Michael Moore, hevent seen his work, but I hear in places hes rather a loon..

F'n40Fan: as long as you keep slithering out from under that rock you hide under with your inane and uninformed comments, you will inspire a response from me.


BTW F'n40, your Dumb Ass occupying the People's House is so Dumb when asked about BUSSING to in the 70's called it a practical way of transporting kids to school!!! And When asked about Western Liberalism brought up by His buddy Vlad, he alluded to San Francisco and California in general. I place you in the same category: Dumb and Dumber! Which one are you? I think its a toss up!!

Actually, UG, hon, I believe it ought to be Dumber and Dumberer...So love to see you and our Joel here... and Dave, of course... By the way,in case someone missed it, Arte Johnson has left us, age 90...he wa on Rowan & Martins Laugh In. RIP to him and Iacocca

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