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June 12, 2019


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Just say no to drugs !!!

TRAVESTY!!! How DARE they put a pit in where I wouldnt feed my dog from, in a place as revered as Yaws????? Somebody deserves whipped hard, and hanged out to dry.

Well Jann, start with family inheritance first....
I am very old on this board going back to the 1940's.
My mom worked for W.P and Page Yaw. I went there
before the drive in started. I went one time into that place
where McDonalds is now. Witnessed employees stealing the
place blind, all the while in the back room cocaine
flowed. No wonder it went to hell in a hand basket.

discusting! but they want to keep Portland weird? too late!

Sam, my dad and uncle worked for the Yaws, they gave poor Mrs Yaw such fits, teasing the daylights out of her, but she loved them, and they returned it. She was always known as 'a damn good egg'.. This was in the later 40s, maybe early 59s, as dad and mom moved to Pasco area in 52-53

Actually for McDonald’s the Hollywood location isn’t a bad one. At least it has a semblance of cleanliness about it. I worked at both Yaws locations in the 80’s, both the Hollywood and the Lloyd Center (who remembers that one?). I was working at the Hollywood one the day St. Helens blew and remember it like it was yesterday. There used to be a dishwasher there who actually ate the food from the dirty plates as it came in off the conveyer belt if you can believe it.

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