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July 03, 2019


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world leader??? lol! not likely, as this pope will be the final pope before the return of Jesus!

Santas favourite type, he calls them so often...HO< HO< HO....

I'm not laughing anymore. Who would have thought the world-renown grifter, conman, racist, *****grabber and D-list "reality" teevee entertainer would have been Russianed into office so easily? And now, believe it or not, the other laughable "reality" teevee entertainer, Kim Kardashian, is studying law with private tutors, because her idiot cheating husband whatshisname, Kenye, wants to run in 2024 and a "lawyer" wife would be an asset to the asshat.

Well, at least Kardashians know how to make money, something Brokahantas never figured out.

Doesnt it require some serious brain power to become a lawyer, and be moderately successful? People arent so twitterpated as to believe her as anything more than a siliconed bimbo, with a psycho for a #what? "husband"

Does anyone know why Fred Trump was missing a part of his head?

Oh look JannJM the local drunk and her booze filled rants....

Okay, who keeps moving the boulder? The slug keeps oozing out, brainle and immature as ever. If I drank even 1/10 as much as 45slimebucketsnorter, Id not have any pain from psoriatic arthritis. And Id be stupid, as well.

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