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July 12, 2019


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im guessing this was from the early 80's.. I felt like I got a deal at 9% in 1987 when we bought our house!

The sad thing is that the rates got worse before they got better. We built a new house in 1986 and bet on a one-year ARM at around 14 percent. At year one it didn't change much, but at year two it dropped the two percent maximum. Then we sold the house.

Willamette Savings failed 9/7/89, and this ad appeared in the Oregonian on 6/5/83.

We will be back there again sometime soon. Or else we will get a whole new currency.

I got a choice 8.75% mortgage in 1979 because I was fresh out of the Army. NOW I've paid 2X in property taxes than I paid for my house. So I'm still renting... from COP, Crime Met, Metro, Mult Co., ESD, PPS, PFB, PPB, and a hundred other "we're from the government and we are her to HELP you" agencies.

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