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July 12, 2019


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Interesting, all about the same height....mom had shoes like some of these, 1940s, but her fat little feet swam in my size 7s, she wore a 5 to a 6,and my sister and nieces couldnt get near those shoes.. dang it...

Miss Salem seems to be doing her deer in the headlights impression.

When I was in high school, I did the lighting a couple of years for the Miss Beaverton pageant. It's pretty strange being backstage listening to all of the sniping that goes on.

One year this gal, who was a perennial beauty pageant contestant around Portland, was chasing the Miss Beaverton title. At rehearsal, she wore what, at the time, was a really brief bikini swimsuit and she made sure all of the pageant officials got a good look at her assets. She won. I wonder why?

Miss Newport it seems was experiencing a bit of a chill...

back when they allowed women to have curves!

john, you have no idea how much of those curves are swimsuit.

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