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August 16, 2019


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I've never seen a picture of him looking so bad and all of 42. Today, Elvis has been dead as long as he lived.

Mommy went at 42, he programmed himself to die at the same age. I believe he wanted to join her in death soon as she was gone.Mega mama's boy

Elvis and MJ both left this Earthly Plain for the same cause: UNCONCERNED and AVARICIOUS DOCTORS!

Gent, are you trying to say that Presley and Jackson weren't complicit in their deaths? Exactly how did these avaricious doctors force them to take all sorts of drugs they had no need of taking? You do realize that there are other ways of acquiring illicit drugs than from doctors?

Joel, I can attest to those other ways, when I was younger, and just didnt give a..., my drunk, drugging, and stuck on stupid days, I sold many things, with access to almost anything. Pharmaceuticals are easier than anything, except locating a lady of the evening.

Joel: NO

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