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August 10, 2019


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Criminal Trump ordered the investigation to throw suspicion off himself. He also RT'd a whole bunch of crap trying to place the eye of the investigators on Bill Clinton.

Please answer these questions:
1 - Who has more power, a sitting president or a president who has been out of office for two decades?
2 - Who has more power, a president who has been out of office for two decades or a sitting president who is known to be an associate of NYC (where Epstein was being held) mafioso?
3 - Who has more power, a sitting president who has a great deal of intelligence and law enforcement assets at his disposal, or a president who has been out of office for two decades.

It's pretty clear which of these two men had the ability, connections, wherewithal, and most of all the desire to pull off the assassination of Jeffrey Epstein. His initials are not WJC. They ARE, D J Drumpf.

Joel.....send us a picture of the hat you are wearing. Thanks

Lee, Trump has tried to cast shade on Bill Clinton in Epstein's death, including numerous Tweets suggesting that Clinton was to blame. My post was to show that there is a counter to Trump's BS.

The pro-Trump forces -- right to the very top -- have been very active trying to shove the blame for Epstein's death off on the Clinton's. These are the same butt wipes who have been active for years in spewing the "Clinton's as Killers" conspiracies. You apparently agree with them. I will try to, at least, laugh at them.



Considering he had Orange Sh*tStain shaking in his diapers, I am hesitant to believe that he was unmonitored and able to commit suicide. I lean strongly to a setup, the guards knew something, and allowed others to murder the man, making it appear to be suicide. Te Diaper One is slimy enough to have 'people' around who would gladly do it. And I read in this am's Boregonian he just got hit with lien #5!! 5 mill in debt for the building so far....

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