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August 15, 2019


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why would you thump a bible? you read it!

Such hypocrites. They pray with their bibles then back Trump with separation of families, cages for kids, paying off sluts, setting up abortions for playmates, grabbing em by the pussy, taking a Playmate to his wifes home while she is away. Keep praying.

Evangelicals have given up a lot by supporting Trump because he told them he was against abortion. As of Trump, evangelicals can no longer preach against marital infidelity, avarice, worshipping false idols, keeping the sabbath, swearing (particularly taking their lord's name in vain), hating other people, and especially lying.

From now on, the only argument necessary against any of these 'sins' is one word...TRUMP.

bill, its ok I don't think you will be arkancided! like a good little sheep!

John, they named a movie in your honor: CLUELESS!!

Yeah Gent, but that's only because they haven't made a movie called "The Dumbest Moron on Earth."

never heard of it ug, is it about soccer? lol!

that's too bad ug, it looks like we never will have that beer?

I am a huge proponent of retroactive abortion.... Orange Sh*tStain leads the train!!

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