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August 13, 2019


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My guess is this was right after "Louie, Louie" hit locally and there were two Kingsmen bands performing around town. Jack Ely was the lead singer for the group when the song was recorded. Then, the mother of the band's drummer, Lynn Easton, trademarked the name and kicked Ely out so her darling boy good take the position out front. When you saw Easton doing "Louie, Louie" on TV, he was actually lip-synching to Ely's singing on the record.

Ely formed up another band and performed as Jack Ely and the Kingsmen until Easton's mother sued to prevent him from using the name. Ely's band became the Courtmen.

For all the talk about the record having dirty lyrics (when it was played backward, or some such) the only real profanity was shouted by Easton just before the second verse. The record was recorded with the band gathered around a single mic. Just before the second verse (around :50 in). Easton -- remember, he was the band's drummer at the time -- dropped a stick and shouted out, "F--k." Listen closely, it's there. Ely also kind of laughed as he started singing verse two.

I still detest this tune..

The Raiders version is waaaaaay better.

Anything Paul Revere and the Raiders, especially during Mark Lindsays reign, was/is better... RIP, PAUL!!!

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