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August 17, 2019


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Of all the various TV game shows in history, this was, by far, my favorite.

Jack Bailey was so much a big part of my life growing up that I literally wanted whatever detergent he was selling to be the one in our laundry room, too (and I was only 9 years old).

It was either Cheer or Tide, I don't remember which, now.

In 1967 Jack came to Portland to star in Life With Father at the Civic Theater. My best friend in high school was in the cast and after one of the performances he invited just the two of us to go to dinner with him. We suggested the original Farrell's on 21st off Burnside. When we walked in it was quite a scene. We got a taste of celebrity life as many came to the table for an autograph or to shake hands. To his credit, Jack was a perfect gentleman the whole time. It was quite a night and is quite a memory.

Queen for a Day didn't creep me out, but I did think Jack Bailey was something of a creep. He always seemed to me to be the kind of person who'd try to sell you swampland in Florida. It should be no surprise to learn he was a sideshow barker earlier in life.

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