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September 18, 2019


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Are the original 'name' bricks still there? I avoid the place.

Last time I was there, which admittedly was about a dozen years ago, the names were pretty well worn off. You can still buy a brick with your name on it ($100), so I'm wondering if they're replacing old worn out bricks. The original bricks are almost 40 years old and have to be in failing shape.

My parents, sister, and half brother had them, I refused, as mom wanted my legal name, and I refuse it if its not a legal matter. Rather have had the cash. She was one who did for hers, I was an afterthought, oh,stuck.. first of us, half brother not dads..

I remember paying 45 cents apiece for bricks just like those at the Home Depot. Of course mine didn't have names on them but they are still in pretty good shape.By the way that was $945,000 for those bricks. Joel do you happen to know what the total cost of the Square was?

Joe Cook Pioneer Courthouse Square April 1984, and the construction cost I found was 6.8 million dollars.

According to Wikipedia, the cost was $7.3 million. Three million to acquire the land from M&F and $4.3 million to build the square. $750,000 of the construction cost was covered by the sale of bricks.

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