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September 29, 2019


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Still great food.. Love the cars, I had a 60 Falcon, 4 door sedan.. many problems, total hoopty, but for a 16, 17 yo kids 1st, and at 35.00, decent.. I learned a few things with that little rattletrap. Now I want a Burgerville fix....

never was! now with 11 dollar burgers! never will be!

Funny there are the two compacts of Ford and Chevrolet, the Falcon and the Corvair.

Not your usual fried burger. In fact, Burgerville shouldn't even be considered fast food. Fast food sucks,

Burgerville actually has taste, quality, and I'd have no problem waiting for ten or 20 minutes for a burger. 30 seconds is too long to wait for the cardboard served at places like Mickey Ds and Burger King.

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