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September 07, 2019


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Is this what happened to Schleifer? Interesting.. Love the boxy chair, lower right, and mom had an end table very similar in style/design to the one by the lamp. AT1-5555.. Atlantic bank, we were BUtler9....love those old numbers....

As I recall, this became Broadway Furniture owned by Shleifer brother Ken. Shleifer Furniture was owned by brother Stuart. And it seems there was some kind of a feud between them.

Broadway Furniture still exists, but it has moved to Tigard at the corner of Hall Blvd. and Pacific Highway. It advertises "Since 1935." The store branded Shleifer Furniture closed in 2015 and also advertised "Since 1935."

This Joel dude needs to get a life. He trolls all day on this site.

Sam, Joel may be here often, but he is a font of knowledge, and not a blathering idiot, as are some here.

Ken (of Broadway Furniture) and Stuart (of Shleifer Furniture) are not brothers....actually Cousins.

Are you jealous Sam? I check Dave's site a couple of times a day and if there're things worth commenting on, I comment. Maybe it's also that I have roots in Portland going back to the 19th century. Sorry if you're bothered, but I'll still be commenting.

Now that you mention it, Bill, I knew they were cousins. Both were heavy TV advertisers and I remember stories about bad blood between the two.

sam..... every forum/messageborad has one like him! its best just to ignore him!

Checking my pocket.....hmmm some lint I cleaned out of my belly button on Sunday, excuse me, navel for those of you who are PERFECT! What else have we here.....my 8 ball pocket marker for Monday night pool league and.....oh good here's just what I was hoping to find! Two bright shiny pennies for those times you want to kick in your two cents worth! So I shall use them now! Joel has been commenting on Stumptown Blogger for years, in fact I had a full head of hair when I first saw him here! The things I like about Joel are he does not mince words and he's not afraid to put in his two cents worth. In fact I have seen occasions where he has actually put in two bits.....that's a quarter or twenty five cents for those of you who are real young. He always has his facts straight and he is VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so feel free to challenge Joel anytime. I'm sure he enjoys it and Joel I hope you continue to frequent here!

Wow, 18th century... mine is only to the 40s, but we have England on my mothers side to mid to later 1400s, and dads ancestors all were in PA for who knows how long, till they moved to KS... of all places, there! And I personally enjoy the local history that I learn from Joels posts.. local history is my interest, as opposed to Little BigHorn, Vegas, etc, Im not there! This is tangible, and interesting!! So, john, go back to your drooling worship of your lard and bastard, Orange Sh*tStain, we are all good.

Joe and Jann, thanks. I appreciate your votes of confidence.

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