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September 22, 2019


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To answer his question, no. Dont love you now. Tolerate is a better word, and I think he was trying to hop on Rick Dees's tail, with his Disco Duck... which was a cheesy LP, but Rick was a very talented DJ, and had a very good singing voice.. no idea where he is now..

Last I knew, Dees was doing a syndicated weekly countdown radio show. But radio has become so stodgy that I don't pay much attention to it anymore, so I may be wrong about that.

fond memories of disco duck, it all came back to me about 15 years ago, in seattle riding on one of the duck amphibious vehicles, (ride the ducks) thru downtown seattle painted bright yellow like a duck, and the driver was playing disco duck through a large sound system, as we were all singing along, oh the looks we got that day! seattle is no Portland!

john, is Seattle any more proactive with the homeless problem? Sure their city council is better, not deep in developers pockets, allowing everything to be destroyed for vomited up, high as hell priced condos.

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