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September 18, 2019


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Beautiful '49, and the last space alive for a fabulous singer, the "Hillbilly Shakespeare".. Hank wrote some fantastic, enduring, classics.. and many from the heart.. 'Six Long

anyone watching the ken burns film on country music? I was shocked that hank Williams died at 30!

Anyone who has any interest in history knows that Williams died at age 29, not 30, due to a heart attack brought on by prescription drug abuse and alcoholism.

Williams was being driven to his next concert appearance in Canton, Ohio on New Year's Day 1953. When his driver stopped for gas in Oak Hill, West Virginia, he found Williams dead in the back seat of the car.

Williams was hired to perform a 15-minute radio program in Montgomery, Alabama, at age 14. He dropped out of school to pursue his music career. He was fired from that job at 18 because of alcoholism. This was a harbinger of the Grand Ole Opry where he was fired for being a drunk in 1952.

The lesson to be learned, drink too much and abuse painkillers, have trouble keeping a job and die young.

oh please forgive obione.... it was patsy cline that died at 30 years old! I beg for your forgiveness oh mighty know it all! I should have known you would be there to correct me! did I mention im not a big fan of country music?

Watching the Ken Burns documentary? Sounds like a fan to me.

been watching everything hes done since his show on baseball! so yes im a fan!

Really john, you're a fan of Ken Burns. Then pay attention to what he's had to say about how we're treating the planet. Did you see his film "Dust Bowl" where he drew direct lines between what happened in 1930s America and what's happening today?

Nope, you'd rather worship Dotard who thinks he can do as he wants with the planet. To make coal mining easier, he says go ahead and dump your slag and tailings in the creeks. Dotard doesn't give a damn about off-shore drilling, ignoring the disastrous Deepwater Horizon oil spill and rolling back the safeguards put in place after the catastrophe.

Yeah, right, you're such a fan.

I may have missed the last ep of Ken Burns, but I was dead in front of my screen for the Hank, and Patsy segments!! Big fan of both, and of Ken Burns.. his documentaries are fantastic!! When Pstsy died, the 1st one to spot the wreckage was Roger Miller, another country star. I think Hawkshaw Hawkins was hanging in a tree...dont recall clearly... Mayall of them RIP, great talents taken WAY too soon. And sic em, Joel!!!

By the way, en route to his destiny, Hank stopped to get a dr to give him two morphine injections for his back. That, along with all the other abuse his body had suffered, was what finally ended his too short life.

Hey Joel the planet is fine. Just keep giving your money to Al Gore!

Poor baby, Pinky.

Not worth response, Joel..probably john on another pc.

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