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September 05, 2019


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I just want to cry. Those poor, poor people.

And it's going to keep happening unless we do something about climate change, which will get worse before it gets better, thanks to the greedy ignorant crook in the White House who is doing away with any and all kinds of EPA protections.

climate change? what can we do about it? we have winter, spring summer and fall! its the way its always been! the climates change every year!

john, I hope you don't have children because if you do you're killing them slowly. The mean temperature of the Earth has increased more than two degrees in the last 150 years. So, two degrees, big deal. Except we are burning more fossil fuels every year and you Trump sucking fools don't give a damn.

You think that you are going to put people back to work in your stupid coal mines, except no one is using coal any longer because of something called natural gas. No mining involved, it's much cheaper to produce but it's proving to be as big an environmental problem as coal or oil.

It's a whole lot more involved than winter and summer. The oceans are getting warmer and warmer oceans mean more and bigger hurricanes. Hotter summers mean drier forests, forests that are burning much hotter and causing much more destruction than they did 50 years ago.

So, be a cretin and ignore science. Your hero Dumb Dotard does and he thinks he's a billionaire. Asswipes.

Of all the things John has stated on this forum, the comments on climate change were the all time most ignorant and stupid. This person votes!

Agreed with Joel and Foley. Not a SHEEPLE!!! When I was toung, aka stupid, I wanted a lot of kids. At 27, I begge for tubal ligation, hysterectomy, ..... one miscarriage, one living child, and Im sorry I had him. Look at the world, why would I back then want to bring a new life into this? And its gotten MUCH worse. Hes 29, Im 64 in Dec.

jann, stop watching cnn theres a real world out here. even without the portland beavers. we still have good beer! I have 32 and 35 year old sons, things could be much worse!

john, I sure do hope those sons of yours appreciate the polluted world you and Trump are leaving them.

Dear gods, john spawned.. hopefully they have learned from the real world, not coloured by johns narrow viewpoint. I dont watch any news, and barely read anything in the Boregonian. I do not need a reason to be depressed, I take enough meds for that, thanks. And Ive not consumed any beer for 32 years. I bartended, and now cannot abide the stuff. My choices are more serious.. a good scotch, whiskey, or liqueur.. or mixed drinks. Grew up next door to raging alcoholics.

no beer in 32 years? impossible! I remember failing a health test in high school, the question was is beer a depressant or a stimulant? today beer still makes me happy! now a depressant? that would be the Portland timbers!

Whiskey, scotch, some vodka, Frangelico, Baileys, I detest beer. Only time its in y fridge is for cooking, my husband doesnt want it, he passed.

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