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September 18, 2019


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Dog has some of the most beautiful cars, and bikes!! SO envious!!! And love the plate, LENO 5T2..

1955 Buick Roadmaster two door hardtop, called Riviera. Not to be confused with Riviera model that appeared in 1963.
The story goes this is the car Jay bought in 1973 after he moved to LA.
Incidentally, numeric digits on license plate are "572." Reference to updated ZZ572 cubic inch (9.4 liter) Chev crate motor. Rated in excess of 700 horsepower!

This is Jay Leno's 1955 Buick Roadmaster that he has had since 1972. It may look stock, buy Jay says it has a 572 cubic inch (650 HP) GM crate motor, and a Corvette running gear. The plate says LENO 572, and the valve covers also say LENO 572.

Ok, thank you, Bill Fuller,and D Gibson, I sit corrected.. 800 hp is rather impressive. I regret that the car has been altered from its original, I am rather a purist. Ive wanted a 55 Ford Custom Cab pickup since I was 19, just a 12v conversion.. my hubby had oe when we first started dating, though itd been altered someand a 53 grille, she was broadsided right front by a 75 Pacer, doing upwards of 95 on a SIDE street, blew every window on the Pacer, killed our truck. Pacer couldve been repaired, I believe. No idea why....

who is dog?

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