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September 16, 2019


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Bread and Jan and Dean were good in their times, I interpreted a Bread song for the deaf in college. got an A that term, one class, and much applause; Dylan is still decent, thonever been a big fan..Do love old vinyl... Joe, time to retire, give it up....Let Bernie rock it!!!

Vinyl outsold CDs last year, so Biden's comment wasn't so off the wall. And Jann, Bernie is two years older than Biden and his popularity is on the wane.

Great art work! Jann one of my son's degrees from WOU was in American Sign Language. He worked part time while he was going to school at the same company I worked for and was actually able to help many of our hearing impaired customers with their appliance questions and if they made a purchase he would also deliver their appliance and install it for them continuing to answer questions and show them how to operate their new appliance. By the way Jann, I am retired.....oh wait, you were referring to Joe B., not Joe C. Sorry I just couldn't resist that!

Joe C, you probably retired earlier than required, and obviously with intelligence.. I am also retired, disability..very good of your son, we need more people to know sign, there are a lot of deaf out there.. Kudos to him.

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