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September 19, 2019


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Lloyd Thaxton, Where The Action Is, were must see T.V. every day after school. I swear though, Solomon Burke was Thaxton's stand-by talent if he had a booking cancellation. Seemed like he was on once a week.

never heard of this? I assume early 60's?

By the dress code, I would presume the same, jon.. mustve been a real biggie, as we recall it so clearly... *snort*

john, could be you were at a "Beaver's Game" so you missed Lloyd! Not to worry though.....that show was not even close to "American Bandstand" or even our own local "Hightime" hosted by Gene Brendler.

Lloyd Thaxton show on CH-12 1964 -1966

Is that Little Eva on the bandstand with him?

Lloyd Thaxton had a plethora of standard contest activities. The (almost) daily lip-synch contests where he'd have four of five kids get up on a mini-stage, one at a time, and lip-synch the hits. The sit-down dancing contests, just what they sound like. Of course, there were the regular dance contests too.

And the standard jokes, like introducing "The Jerk" by the Larks as "The Lark" by the Jerks. I don't think he ever announced the song correctly.

The guests I remember most were called the Pair Extraordinaire. It was a guy who sang accompanied by a guy plucking a bass fiddle. They did absolutely no rock and I could never figure out why Thaxton had them on as guests, but I saw them several times.

A school chum of mine told about seeing Jan and Dean when they were special guests one afternoon. Dean came out with a coat on and when he took it off he had a snake coiled around his arm. My friend said Lloyd nearly had a heart attack on the spot. I liked his show and humor much more than Dick Clark.

joe cook, that would be possible except that almost all beaver games had a 705pm start.

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