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September 13, 2019


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Should there be any questions that Dotard wants to ruin this country, crap like this should put them all to rest. For those of us getting on in years, yeah we'll probably be gone before the environment goes completely to Hell, but do you want to do what's coming to your kids? Do you wish for your grandkids the Mad Max lifestyle?

We only have one planet and if we trash this one, it's all over. Your excuses that China and India are polluting worse than us, will be of little matter if the ground, the air, and the water become toxic. And, by the way, it isn't true. China has begun making major environmental moves aimed at cleaning up its atmosphere.

So think about it you gimcracks, it may not do you much (if any) harm, but do you want to do unyielding damage to your kids and grandkids world? If you don't care, then you are the most pathetic excuses for parents who ever lived.

Thank you, Joel, I have been trying to get this through peoples' heads for ages. I even tried to endure I would never have children at 27, to no avail. Had one. Not a world I want to stay in, much less bring kids, or grands, into. And it doesnt help that we keep causing extinctions right and left.

413 days and counting to the next general election Nov. 3, 2020. Then consignment to history's dust bin! But the damage The Don is doing to our country will last much longer than his reign of ineptitude and malicious, callous destruction to our environment, economy, social programs, middle class, education, democracy and anything else in his blind, staggering path. Vote!

curojo, might wanna revise that, and add another 1400 days for his second term! you really don't think any of the democrats stand even a small chance against him do you???

john, what have you been smoking, pills youre taking, and liquids youre drinking? The intelligent people of this country are fed up, and done with your wannabe god. Time to get a REAL President again!VOTE BLUE, NO MATTER WHO!!! Except for Biden....

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