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September 16, 2019


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It was an insult long before they started asking two bucks a copy for it...even when it was almost a newspaper. I haven't subscribed to the 'O' in almost two decades. In that time, I've occasionally picked one up from the newsstand, but I've never missed being a subscriber.

not too worry, they wont be around much longer!

Its a tragedy, not having a print newspaper, even as chintzy as the Boregonian has become, its bad enough children, young people, barely know how to read,and mercy, WRITE, not chickenscratch 'print', what a mess we are allowing future generations to become. Dependent on cell phones, computers, electronics.. what will they do when there is no electricity, everyone falls off the grid by nature?

I don't believe the ownership has any interest in keeping the print paper alive. They would prefer everyone use their online site. Whatever one thinks about the plight of newspapers nationwide it's mind-boggling that a city the size of PDX can't sustain a newspaper.

I ended our subscription when the new owners at The O started charging extra for a paper bill, because "billing people is expensive". Yeah, like it didn't bother you for the previous 100 years? I don't like having many bills in my email, as I have thousands of emails I'm behind on, so things may get lost or overlooked, nor do I like having autopay for most bills, as I prefer to keep control of my finances. And if I get my bill emailed and want to pay by check, I have to pay to print the bill out and get an envelope, business costs that formerly belonged to the business, as they should. I can easily afford to do so, plus pay the extra 2 bucks for a (gasp!) paper bill, but many people can't, so once again, the poor and/or elderly get "taxed" for begin poor and/or elderly. It can really add up if you get charged for every paper bill you get. Think about it- if you got charged $2 for every bill you get per month, it would add up quickly. Many still don't have home computers/wifi, so they have to get to the library (by bus, most likely) and pay to print their bills out there, all added expenses to save big companies a few pennies.

Anyway, I canceled our 25-year subscription, and spent the next entire year fighting with The O and their bill collectors because even though I cancelled by phone and in writing, they kept delivering papers to me and billing me for them. Whenever I called to tell them to stop, that I cancelled 6 months ago, they instead welcomed me with a NEW subscription! Even after I talked to some supposedly bigwig in California! I got tired of the bill collectors (I don't bully well- or at all, for that matter) and contacted the BBB and state attorney general. It took the AG to finally get my subscription cancelled!!!

To tell you how little the new owners knew about newspapers, when they bought The O and changed the format to non-daily (SWFS), they forgot about the most important paper of the year, the Black Friday Day After Thanksgiving paper! Then they tried to charge extra for it, because they forgot/didn't know about it and didn't include it in our bills. I complained and said if they didn't know about the biggest advertising opportunity of the year, then they didn't belong in the newspaper business!

Sigh...I miss having a good newspaper.

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