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September 07, 2019


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so called coffee tastes like crap! just like Budweiser, proof you can advertise a crappy product to death and the sheep will buy it!

Yeah, Starbucks Coffee must be real shit. That's why it only has 29,000 stores around the world. Clearly, no one likes it.

Whine away, whiner.

Not a big Starbucks coffee fan, I dont like a burnt taste to my coffee, and Ive been drinking coffee since I could crawl up on my dads lap as a todder, and steal his.. I am, however, addicted to their Frappuccinos..Vanilla Bean, Strawberries n Cream, Butterbeer, which you have to ask about, and tell them how to make it..SO god!! BRING BACK JIM & PATTYS COFFEE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

someone posted that they have many stores! budwiser is served at many places! but still a crappy beer!

JannJM Jim & Patty's have 4 current locations in the Portland area.
Their website gives these locations. 2246 NW Lovejoy---4951 NE Fremont---4130 SE 117th, Beaverton---SE 169th & Sunnyside Rd. in the Happy Valley crossroads shopping center.

In your opinion, john. Starbucks has 29,000 locations because most people enjoy their coffee enough to spend $3.50 for a cup. The same goes for Budweiser. It is served in thousands of places because people like it well enough to order it.

It seems I saw your comment on a recent post crowing about how much you liked to visit the tasting room at the old Blitz Brewery. I remember when they used to post signs over the urinals that said, "Don't forget to flush. Blitz needs the water."

To each his own, john and it seems there must be a whole lot of people who like Starbucks and Budweiser. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Starbucks and Budweiser is a beer, which I can't stand any of. I am smart enough, however, to spot trends when I see them.

Jim & Patty need more stores, like used to be.. how about 5Spot, in Cully? No, Id be there too often....

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