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October 15, 2019


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Had dinner there after Senior Prom mid-'60's. Hazy memories, but there were lots of flaming torches along with the "Polynesian" sweet and sour flavors.

all of the great places have gone by the way.. Trader Vics, Valentino's, Farrells, Sweet Tibby Dunbar......

don't forget poor Richards, the organ grinder pal shantys the riverqueen, waddles and the lotus! but hey we have boring soccer!

There are so many,The Pagoda, now I hear Dairy Queen in St Johns has folded, owner is 80, and Anna Bananas, also St Johns, is done the end of the year....sad.... North Portland is not yuppieville, its blue collar!!!Amd no more dead restaurants!!

jannm im not sorry to see any fast food chain close! we have 1000s too many as it is!

I did enjoy this for a time, but now it has become more and more political hatred.If this were political hatred toward the other side of the aisle I would say the same thing.

So sad. I thought this was a site for historical Portland and present day goings on of Portland, not a political venue. Being a native son of Portland, Oregon I am sad to see this is no more than a political venue of hatred and ridicule. This is why I now unsubscribe. Bob

Robert Lacy...if you happen to see this.

I've been hanging around Dave's website since it was new, and it has always been more than just old Portland. Yes, there's old Portland but there's also a lot of Hollywood and some Vegas. And yes, some politics.

Dave has always been a lover of Johnny Carson and the Rat Pack. There are often mentions of the passing of famous people from all over the country. And yes, politics.

If you were looking for a website that limits itself to running a bunch of old Portland pictures, you were coming to the wrong website. There are plenty of websites online that feature old Portland. One of them would probably be more to your liking.

Ta ta, Bob.

Robert, there is a ton of good information on our stumptown page, over time there have been a few issues, some have come and gone, and some remain, however if you go back just a short while you can see exactly where the issues are, and with that you can choose to skip over those posts and move on to something interesting, this page is always changing. stick around.

so I got bored today and went back in the archives to see when I started posting here, seems like my first posts were in 2011, somewhere in that year I stumbled on your post (mr. stump) threating to ban joel!!! lol! oh the possibilities! oh and remember ole chuckie? good times

We who post commentary here will argue, as siblings, or other relatives, do, nut I come not only to see the photos of history, nut also for the information, and repartee... Robert, try Vintage Portlamd, it is fantastic. Just the other day was N Interstate and N Greeley, 1949.. part of my old running area.. I was Alberta and Interstate area based. Thanks, Dave, Mr Stump, for the years at KISN, and this blog..

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