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October 21, 2019


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I sure hope he saved his pennies when the times were good because he needs them now. No one is going to put him on the cover -- not even the Senior Citizen Times -- or make him its TV spokesmodel anymore.

Fabio's net worth is somewhere around $15-20 million.

He now turns down most all requests for his services as actor, spokesman, model, etc.

People still swoon in his presence.

the tan is gone, but the hairdye remains

I never saw the big thing about him.. bk=leachy hair, that 'tan', and overworked out nauseates me.. I have always had a thing for the 'bad boys'.. my husband was a biker..%'&" 140, and they say girls always go for guys like dad...mine was 6'3", and 210.... nope..love my daddy, but not my type..

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