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October 03, 2019


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Trump & Nixon at March 1989 party in Houston Texas.

Pecker and Dick in embrace. Monkey see, Monkey do !

would vote for him again for ending the Vietnam war!

Nixon was in cahoots on keeping that war going. He also secretly carpet bombed, killing thousands of innocent people. Better read history.

Dan Kemper...
You'd do better to go back to when you were a kid and wish for a pony or a real fire truck than to expect him to actually study history. He's a knee-jerk right-winger. Evidence: he actually thinks that Nixon won the Vietnam Waar rather than lost it after committing war atrocities.

Do you begin to understand how Traitor Trump got elected? Certain people who never should have been allowed to vote actually were given the right of the ballot.

We need to enact poll tests. People would have to know things like when the US Constitution was enacted, what the Articles of Confederation were and why they were a disaster, and to name at least half of the Bill of Rights. People who wanted to vote would actually have to study some US history.

Joel,you just let me out.. History was nevr my strong point, reading, English, math, those were. Though if I were forcd to choose between these two, Id tke TrickySticky Dickie any time.

Nixon wasn't a traitor to his country. That's in his favor.

The difference Jann is that you are willing to learn the lessons of history. That makes all the difference.

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