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October 11, 2019


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was very funny and innovative for the first few years! now its nothing but another liberal platform!

44 years and 872 episodes, ups and downs. Whoda thunk it?

Its not a "liberal' platform, john is just so far up Orange Sh*tStains arse, he knows nothing other. But.. yes, SNL was a great, hilarious programme in the day, exposed a lot of new talent, and showcased many great performers. Theoriginal group started leaving, Chevy Chas didnt want to be on air to begin, Billy Murray was cut as they felt they had enough, one mores too much, he was added when Chevy walked, no big there.... I stopped watching when the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players started leaving, it wasnt funny any longer.. Shouldve been retired years ago.

Poor john, SNL's cold open last Saturday poked fun at the Democrats. It's gotta hurt when the oh-so liberal SNL takes on the liberals and doesn't just go after Trump.

Strange thing john, humor is where you find it and sometimes it's liberal and often it's about Traitor Trump. Actually, Treason Don is a joke that almost writes itself, but still too bad for you losers.

WHY is it that so many of these conversations INVARIABLY devolve in to nasty name calling and people retreating to their respective political corners?! Dividing yourselves into conservative or liberal cliches.

Seriously...can’t ANY forum please stay on the high road? Let’s behave like adults...and NEVER say anything online that you wouldn't say to their someone’s face. Or your just a coward.

Jesus...the way some of you’re presenting yourselves isn’t doing your case or your cause justice.

And some of these people behaving this way are parents for crying out loud!

Actually, D, Mr Stump declared this a politics free zone awhile back, and it worked for awhile.... and this could be as bad as Facebook, 9 of 10 posts are political horse crap. For the record, Im a great grandmother, daughter of a WWII vet, and I vote educatedly.

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