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October 18, 2019


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Principles above politics: A man like no other.

We need more Wayne Morris types. Sorry I was never old enough to vote for him.

Couldn't agree more with the statements above.

Daniel Taylor...tell that to Dick Neuberger.

Morse both defended Neuberger's honor and flunked him out of law school.

Principles above politics.

But yes, they were a cats and dogs fighting for what would be nearly impossible to understand principles today.

Although Morse and Neuberger held similar views, Morse, for some reason, had a massive hard-on about Neuberger. The daily nasty letter exchange between the two is what legends are made of. It went way beyond cats and dogs.

The only time Morse defended Neuberger's honor was when he supported Neuberger's (a Democrat) US Senate aspirations while Morse was still Republican. From their days at the U of O, Neuberger the student and Morse the teacher, Morse seemed to have the idea that he was the strict father. Neuberger always resented that.

Morse got the reputation as a principled maverick because he was all over the place. No one ever knew where he would land, although many pundits of the time thought his positions were developed more out of personal vanity than truly principled thought.

Bob Packwood defeated Morse because of Morse's antiwar stance.

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