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October 14, 2019


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Other than a few small minds (no names necessary here, huh?) Nixon is seen as a crook. But there has never been a more pronounced example of George Santayana's warning than Nixon -- who hasn't been learned from --leading to history repeating itself in Trump.

From both being befriended by odd recording stars -- Nixon by Elvis and Trump by Kanye West -- to massive tax problems, the similarities between the two are illuminating. Of course, they both hate(d) the press/media.

Sure, there were differences as well. Nixon was a globalist who knew that the US was part of an even bigger globe, while Trump is an extreme isolationist who thinks the US can go it alone. Nixon also surrounded himself with titans while Trump is so insecure that he surrounds himself with lightweights and when any of the lightweights seem to get too heavy he tosses them aside.

Still, the similarities, especially when it comes to being crooked, are stunning.

He who ignores the past is doomed to repeat it.. not a direct quote, of course, but..... those simplistic minded ones.....

There is really no comparison between Nixon and Trump. One was a paranoid, the other is a narcissist. Either personality type is bound to have devastating effects on the country as a whole, though in differing ways.

Both tropes have been common in American politics from the beginning; they come and they go, usually followed by more rational rule.

Hopefully, from my point of view, this scenario will play out in 2019 as well and we will have a stable government for a while.

Trump is dangerous because he is much more than a narcissist.

First, he is more than willing to buy into conspiracy theories, many of them totally delusional...which is in itself another problem. His personality is totally disordered. He thinks, behaves, and functions in a disorderly manner.

Next, he is a martinet. Fortunately, so far, that tendency has taken the form of the schoolyard bully who likes to throw his weight around but never seems to show up for the fight.

Then there's his total detachment from reality. This is manifested most notably in his lying. Even when there is video to prove the contrary, Trump will claim that things never happened. Even when there is documentation to prove it isn't true he will claim credit, such as when he recently demanded that he be credited for added jobs that dated back to 2012. This is always the fault of the fake news, most notably CNN and NBC, The NY Times and WaPo...although this can also extend to programs such as SNL, which aren't even news.

There are also his demands for total loyalty while displaying none in return, his self-aggrandizement (as opposed to his narcissism), and the petty cheats.

Any one of Trump's extreme mental conditions should be enough to disqualify him from the highest political office in the world. Unfortunately, approximately a third of Americans are right in there with Trump. Not that they are necessarily as mentally incompetent as Trump, but they have bought his act. Maybe they all just thought a TV star would make a swell president.

Fortunately, this time, so long as the Democrats don't run another Hillary Clinton -- a Hillary redux -- the vast middle isn't likely to support Trump or (as many of us did in 2016) vote for a 3rd party candidate.

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