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October 14, 2019


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You know, the US hasn't had a truly great leader in a long, long time. In my years, there are Ike, Kennedy, and Reagan that had true leadership qualities. Ford probably could have developed if the circumstances were different. George HW Bush ran out of time.

Johnson was a racist.
Nixon was a crook.
Carter was a wimp.
Clinton had a zipper problem.
George W Bush was too dumb for the job.
Obama was underqualified.

Trump embraces all of these negative characteristics.

He also warned us to beware of the Military-Industrial Complex as a grave threat to democratic government.

Obama may have done a better job, had e been more experienced. I think, with the foreknowledge of having been there before, Billary may have done it well, but thats not to say I like/dislike her. She saw first hand what was going on. And HW Bush was too much of a milquetoast..reagan was a Dem who went condervstive for Hollywood, and became too much big business money guy.

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