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October 30, 2019


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Robert Hall this season will show you the reason:
Low overhead.
Low overhead.

I can only recall ONE Robert Hall store in Portland.
And, not exactly sure of the location.
Seems like near-in NE.....around Grand or Union Ave. In general area of the big Sears store.
Maybe someone can be more precise?????

There was one on 82nd also

it was in the old kpdx building, 910 ne union

Bill your memory is pretty close. They had 2 Portland stores in the early 60's a store 910 NE Union (now the corner of MLK and Pacific) across from the convention center, and the other store was at 4552 SE 82nd just south of Holgate, and this location is now Baxter auto parts.

I loved when men (and women) dressed like adults. I love casual wear, too, but shorts and t-shirts at formal weddings? Come on, people!:(

I have to agree with Badkitty.. there are appropriate times and places for casual wear, but a FORMAL affair, such as a nice wedding, is NOT the place. Things were so much nicer, attire wise, in the 40s..didnt see groown boys with their pants falling off, girls didnt dress like sluts, ....people had self respect, and class!!

Back in the day, men wore shirts and ties for labor type jobs, it wasn't just those who worked in offices. In school, boys had to have their shirttails tucked in and the girls had to wear skirts or dresses. Hemlines couldn't be more than an inch off the floor when kneeling...and the teachers checked.

What the teachers wear nowadays wouldn't have been acceptable for students back then. And you also had your Sunday go to meetin' clothes...fancy duds that were reserved for church. Things were different all-around 60 or 70 years ago.

I was in the skirts days, through 8th grade, and as I flipped a lot on the bars, and climbed them, I wore shorts under- Teachers were not thrilled. I was thrilled to go to hs, and wear jeans!!

Then you must be younger than I am Jann. Even in high school, the only time girls didn't have to wear skirts or dresses was if they were working on painting rally signs...and then they had to put on a skirt if they were leaving corridor three which was behind the gym.

When I was a senior, one gal was sent home for wearing a dress that was sleeveless and had a big yellow flower on the breast. The center of the flower was a hole and she showed a hint of cleavage. Bad. Nasty.

Joel, I was held back from starting school with my age group, due to my birthdate, so I graduated Jefferson in '74. Had we not moved from Washington, Id have gotten a decent education.

Then you're six or seven years younger than I am. My dad went to Jefferson. He also moved around a lot as a kid.

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